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In this example we are going to group 2 light bulbs together.

After installing the lightbulbs please follow along with the APP video
• Tap the product you’d like to group
• Tap the “…” in the top right corner
• Tap “create group”
• Select the devices you want to group and hit “save”
• Name the group

• Now the group can be controlled from the “all devices” menu
• Tap the down arrow for quick access options: ON/OFF, Brightness, Color mode
• To alter group settings, name, position, etc: Tap the group and Tap the “…” on the top right.


Schedule a device to turn ON/OFF at certain times
• Go to the device you want to ‘schedule’, in this case we’ll choose a lamp group. We’ll set it so it turns ON at 21:05H and switch OFF at 00:05H on weekdays
• Tap ‘schedule’
• Set the desired time to switch ON
• Choose whether and on which day(s) this routine should repeat, in this case Monday until Friday.
• Press ‘Save’
• Add another Schedule
• Set the desired time to switch OFF
• Choose whether and on which day(s) this routine should repeat
• Press ‘Save’ 

The schedule is now set. The group of lights will turn ON, on weekdays at 21.05H and turn OFF at 00:05H.


After setting up all devices, you might want to share all the setting with someone in your household.
Here’s a quick guide to share all installed devices

• Go to ‘Me’ from the main menu
• Go to ‘home management’
• Select the ‘home’ you want to share
• Tap ‘add members’
• Fill in the name & account email address / phone number
Please note, the account must be an existing one
• Choose whether or nor to let the member you want to add be an administrator.
Administrators can alter settings and add or remove devices etc.
• The member is now added and will receive an invite. Meanwhile the status is “waiting to join”

Invited phone
• On the invited phone, go to ‘home’ on the top left
• Tap the ‘home’ that says ‘waiting to join’
• Tap ‘Accept’ to join the home
• All the devices are now controllable

Create (extra) Family

If you have ‘Caliber Smart Home’ devices on more than one location you might want to separate the devices in your app for a better overview.
There is an option to create multiple environments (Families) for devices

Here’s how to do it

• Go to profile
• Tap home management
• Add family
• Give the new ‘family’ a name. For example ‘Office’
• Select the number and name of desired rooms. You can add more if necessary
• Set location (optional). If GPS location is activated and the Caliber Smart Home has permission to use it, it will automatically find your location (the app needs to know your location if you want to make use of weather info, dependent actions/automations, day/night etc.).
• Tap save
• “Family created successfully”
• You can access the different ‘families’ from the main screens (my Home) top left corner

Re-name a device

In some cases it is a good idea to give a device a logical and/or pronounceable name.
In this example we are going to change the device name from ‘HWL 1201 (L)’ to ‘light 1’
It would be nearly impossible to use this name ‘HWL 1201 (L)’ for voice commands, with the new name it’s not a problem.

• Go to the device that you want to rename
• Tap the ‘…’ on the top right of the screen
• Tap ‘Device Name’ to change the name

• Re-name the device. Please choose a name that’s easy to pronounce using voice control via ‘Google home’ and/or ‘Amazon Alexa’
• Go back to the main menu

• If you have setup your 3th party voice control successfully, it is ready to receive commands
. More information on setting-up ‘Amazon Alexa’  or ‘Google home’, please click one of the links to download the PDF

Share Device

When it comes to sharing devices, there are 2 options. Share the whole ‘family’ (all devices) or share a single device.
Here we will share one device. For example: We share a camera that can detect motion with a friend or neighbor who’s supposed to watch your house during the vacation. Now your friend get’s notified when motion is detected and can watch what’s happening on the camera or drop by the house to see what’s really going on.
Please note: The person you’re sharing with should also have a Caliber Smart Home account

• Go to the device you want to share
• Tap ‘…’ in the top right corner
• Tap share device
• Tap ‘Add Sharing’, below on the screen
• Fill in the account email/phone no. of the person with whom you want to share the device

On the phone that is invited
• Go to notifications (make sure notifications are ON)
• In the most recent notification you’ll find an invitation called ‘Share device’. Press ‘view’
• The device is now added and can be found in the all devices main menu