About us

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Who are we?

Caliber Europe BV is a commercial organization consisting of skilled and experienced employees who are committed to produce new audio/video products and (Smart) home electronics solutions and deliver them to consumers at competitive prices. Caliber supplies (r)etailers in over 25 countries in Europe. In addition, Caliber distributes and sells various other brands such as Garmin, Mio and Blaupunkt from its central warehouse in the Netherlands.

What do we do?

Caliber offers a wide range of visual products for both home and travel. On the way to a holiday, the portable DVD players are indispensable in the back seat, so you can keep the kids happy while easily following the route on one of our navigation systems.
You won’t overlook a pole while parking with a reversing camera either!
While you’re away, our security cameras keep an eye on everything at home and you can travel with peace of mind.

Caliber offers a wide range of sound solutions for in and around your home. We offer Bluetooth speakers in different shapes and sizes. Ideal for at home, during a trip, on the beach or in the park. Simply anywhere in the house, in the kitchen or in your garden. You can always enjoy your favourite music wherever and whenever you want.
A spontaneous or planned party, Caliber is the solution!
Portable PA systems with unbelievable sound and some even with light effects, so your party is instantly complete.

A house has to feel like a home. That requires the right atmosphere. You can create it with music, for example, in perfect quality thanks to our DAB+ radios in various shapes and sizes. In addition to products for atmosphere and cosiness in the home, we also offer handy solutions such as wireless charging on your alarm clock and smart distribution boxes with or without USB charging ports.
Qi loaders! For wireless charging of your smartphone, in the form of a pad, but also conveniently integrated in clock radios for easy, safe and hassle-free charging of your phone at night.

Smart Home
Caliber currently offers one of the simplest Smart Home systems on the market. It makes your life easier after installation. Installation is very easy! All you need besides the product is the FREE “Caliber Smart Home” app on a smartphone or tablet. This is available in the Apple AppStore and on Google Play. Caliber Smart Home products can be operated and collaborated via one and the same app. So you can make life as comfortable as you want it to be.

In addition to our smart home solutions, we also offer an extensive range of Smart Security products to make your home not only very comfortable but also very safe.

For many years, Caliber has been a household name in incar-entertainment in Europe. Caliber is one of the market leaders in Europe in the field of universal car radios.
Nowadays, vehicles are equipped with a good audio system as standard. But to give it just that little extra “good” is often not enough. With plug-and-play subwoofers, under-seat woofers, but also amplifiers with a sleek design and high quality speakers in different shapes and sizes, you can create in your own car the experience of a discotheque in Amsterdam or the concert hall in London.

In addition to audio solutions, we offer many functional multimedia applications for in-car use. Think for example of our FM transmitters with which you can easily provide your young-time with all modern streaming technology and hands free calling.
In addition to regular FM and AM reception, we also offer models with DAB+, for example. Including all necessary accessories.