Warranty and service

Of course at Caliber you always have warranty on a product. The date on the invoice is the effective date for the warranty. A claim on the warranty can be made if:

  • There is no deliberate or negligent damage
  • There is no question of injudicious use or negligent maintenance
  • There is no malfunction or damage due to failure to observe or incorrect observance of the operating instructions.

We guarantee that our products meet the reasonable requirements of reliability and usability. For all products purchased through our website, you can apply for a service using the method below. For Caliber products purchased from elsewhere, please submit the service request through the point of sale. In case of a defect or malfunction for products purchased through our website, please fill in the service form. Caliber needs from you in the event of a defect or malfunction: your details, invoice number, serial number (if applicable) and type number of the product, as well as a description of the complaint that is as complete as possible. Upon receipt of this form, Caliber will contact you about the further course of the repair. During the warranty period, you will pay no labour and no material costs, but you will have to send the product to our service department yourself.

Treatment of defects outside the warranty period
We can also help you with repairs outside the warranty period. Critical parts that break down after the warranty period are usually replaced with an appropriate coupon scheme. For this reason, we recommend that you also have Caliber repair your defective equipment outside the warranty period. We will deal with a defect as comprehensively as possible and solve it for you in the best and quickest way possible. Any costs for the repair and coulance settlement of a defect outside the warranty period depend on age and use.

Complaint handling
Within our company not only the delivery of the product is central, but also the delivery of the best service. Of course, it may happen that you as a consumer have a complaint about something. If, despite our efforts, you are not satisfied or if you would like to suggest a certain suggestion which we can take into our company in the future, please fill in the contact form.